Explanation G Code (Part 1)

G00    = Positioning
G01    = Linear Interpolation
G02    = Circular Interpolation CW
G03    = Circular Interpolation  CCW
G04    = Dwell
G05    = X Mirror image
G06    = Y Mirror image
G07    = Z Mirror image
G08    = X Y Exchange
G09    = All Mirror  image cancel
G11    = Block Skip ON
G12    =  Block Skip OFF
G13    = Wire breakeage recovery function ON
G14    = Wire breakeage recovery function OFF
G15    = Wire breakeage recovery function ON (dischrge off,low pressure flushing)
G17    = XY plane selection
G22    = Software limit ON
G23    = Software limit OFF
G26    = Figure rotation ON
G27    = Figure limit OFF
G28    = Return to main reference point
G29    = Set main refference point
G30    = Return to point specified by G92
G40    = Offset Cancel
G41    = Wire Compensation Left
G42    = Wire Compensation Right
G48    =  Edge Control ON
G49    =  Edge Control OF
G50    = Tapper Machining Cancel
G51    = Tapper with Left Compensation
G52    = Tapper with Right Compensation
G53    =  Positioning in the machine coordinate system
G54    =  Work Coordinate system 0
G55    =  Work Coordinate system 1
G56    =  Work Coordinate system 2
G57    =  Work Coordinate system 3
G58    =  Work Coordinate system 4
G59    =  Work Coordinate system 5
G60    =  Return to main reference point
G74    =  Four axis offset ON
G75    =  Four axis offset OF
G80    =  Travel until contact detection activated
G81    =  Positioning to Machine Limit
G82    =  Move to half of distance between present position and origin
G83    =  Read NC information into specified offset term
G90    =  Absolute programming mode
G91    =  Incremental programming mode
G92    =  Coordinate system set
G97    =  All coordinate system set


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